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How to obtain your code

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MyInsurance provides you with a highly personalized interactive service on the web

  1. Policies Overview - As soon as you log into the portal, you will be presented with an overview of all your portfolio
  2. Open a Claim - Register a claim, track the status and pay the excess if required 
  3. Renew Policy - If a renewal is pending, a pop-up will appear. Renew your policies and make online payments
  4. View Reports - Access the report library and download the documents related to your policies
  5. Update Details -  You can also update your Personal Details
  6. Contact Us - And address all your queries online

MyInsurance offers a range of self-service options depending on the product 

  1. Home -  Policies Overview/Open a Claim/Renew a Policy/Report Library
  2. Motor - Policies Overview/Open a Claim/Renew Policy/Report Library
  3. Commercial - Policies Overview/Renew Policy (Not Applicable to All Products)
  4. Health - Policies Overview (Only Individual Policies)
  5. Travel - Policies Overview/Open a Claim/Renew Policy/Report Library


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