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Health Claims

Health Claims

Steps to claim

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1.     Please submit fully completed original claim forms and original receipts within 3 months of initial date of treatment. Photocopies and credit card vouchers/chit/statements are not acceptable.
2.      Claims for specialist consultations and any diagnostic procedures must be on the initial recommendation of your General Practitioner, except for consultations/treatment given by Gynaecologists, Paediatricians and Ophthalmologists.
For Cash Benefit claims we require original case summary /discharge letter issued by the hospital;
For the Maternity Cash Benefit a claim form together with a copy of the birth certificate is to be submitted within three months of the date of birth. Part 1 is to be completed with the details of the insured, while in Part 2 the following note is to be inserted “claiming for Maternity cash benefit”.
Newborn children can be added to their parent’s policy as long as they apply for cover within the first three months of the date of birth and a copy of the birth certificate is to be forwarded to Mapfre Middlesea p.l.c.  Cover will be free up till the parent’s next renewal date.

The Policy requires that you contact our office prior to undergo planned hospital admission. This will enable us to guide you regarding eligibility of claims and extent of cover and, where possible, settle claims directly with the hospital concerned. MRI, CT and PET scans on referral by a specialist are also eligible for direct settlement, so it is advisable that you contact us prior to undergoing such Treatment too.
The procedure for Pre-Authorisation is as follows:
1.    Please send a completed and signed Claim Form supported by all relevant medical documentation to our office or by e-mail addressed to .
2.    Upon receipt of the requisite claim documents, we will contact you with our request for any further documentation, if necessary, or our confirmation of cover.
3.    In case of an emergency situation or anything to do with claims you may contact us on 21 24 62 62.

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