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Business Claims

Bussines Claims

Steps to claim

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If you would like to lodge a general business insurance claim you are kindly requested to notify us immediately of your loss/damage by completing and returning a claim form. You can request a claim form by phone: 21246262, by fax: 21248195, by email: or by calling personally at our offices.

In the event of loss/damage you must:

  • Provide at your own expense all the information and help we need
  • Retain all damaged items for us to view, test or inspect
  • Take photographs as necessary to prove your loss/damage
  • Tell the police immediately about any property which has been lost, stolen or maliciously damaged
  • Do all you reasonably can to recover any lost or stolen property
  • Provide us with details of any third parties which could be involved in the loss/damages you have suffered
  • Forward us immediately and unanswered any legal documents served on you in connection with any claim for legal liability arising from injury or damage
  • Not discuss, admit, reject or negotiate any claim with anyone else without our written permission
  • Always act as if you are uninsured to try and minimise the loss as much as possible
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