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Fundación MAPFRE supports Street Smart Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with D4RS

Street Smart Campaign 5
This year D4RS will also hold sessions for Higher Schools in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE who had introduced the initiative in Maltese Primary School but has decided to extend it to a more mature audience (aged 16 to 18 years old) just before they start their driving experience. The road safety awareness activity will also consist of interactive games wherein students can get vouchers for free driving lessons thus ensuring they will start on the right foot.
These school visits are carried out by Medical Students accompanied by a doctor who give out educational and informative sessions about the implications of road safety. D4RS representatives also distribute a variety of merchandise material related to road safety education to the students across these numerous schools. Furthermore, D4RS commissioned two videos for educational purposes that contain strong messages in favour of road safety.
D4RS is a voluntary organisation set up by Doctors and Medical Students as a group of professionals who directly witness the repercussions of road traffic incidents on a regular basis whist on the job. The NGO’s mission is to place Road Safety firmly on the National Agenda by raising awareness, educating peers, educating the public and advocating with relevant stakeholders.
Attending a school activity last December, MAPFRE Middlesea CEO Felipe Navarro said, “Both D4RS and Fundación MAPFRE strongly recognise the need for awareness through education of our peers and the public, and as a result, these two entities have set out on a mission to help drive road safety in Malta.”
Since the launch of D4RS, the organisation has been very tentative in sharing information in order to encourage the safest attitudes and behaviours on the road. Since it is becoming increasingly more imperative to adopt safe road behaviours and attitudes, Fundación MAPFRE will continue to support D4RS in their commitment to help sustain road safety within Malta.
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