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MAPFRE collaborate with Puttinu Cares

MAPFRE collaborate with Puttinu Cares
Puttinu Cares is a children’s cancer support group which was set up 12 years ago soon after the opening of a specialised Paediatric Oncology Unit in Mater Dei Hospital, now known as Rainbow Ward. The group have committed themselves to offering support and guidance for both the patients and their relatives, helping them deal with the ordeal ahead and giving them hope for a brighter future.
Whilst aiming to get to know the families and treat them according to their individual needs, Puttinu Cares also offers help when families need to go abroad in order to pursue any kind of further treatment in the UK. In this case, Government covers all medical costs for the patient, but Puttinu Cares provides accommodation for the accompanying family free of charge. Furthermore, Puttinu Cares have now extended their support to include adult patients, helping to alleviate that burden from them and their families.
As of now, there are between 60 to 90 patients provided with treatment in one of 30 different hospitals in the UK each month, the costs of which being partly covered by Puttinu Cares. Going forward, it is Puttinu Cares’ dream that no patients undergoing treatment abroad and their families will have to pay for accommodation.
MAPFRE showed their support in collaboration with Puttinu Cares by organising an event that took place at the Rainbow Ward of the Oncology Unit in Mater Dei Hospital. Thus, MAPFRE Malta and Puttinu Cares organised a ‘hot dog’ day for the patients and families of this ward. In addition, a local musician, Kersten Graham joined in by playing cheerful music throughout the event. Several volunteers from both entities went around the entire ward, giving out hot dogs and interacting with the patients and their relatives. 
“It was both an amazing and emotional experience to see these children with smiles on their faces. It goes to show that even the smallest of gestures can go a long way in making other people happy”, said Ana Cristina Zammit Munro, Chief Marketing Officer of MAPFRE Middlesea.
As much as possible, the Rainbow Ward’s atmosphere retains a happy and light environment accompanied by several entertainment facilities and an all-round positive ambience, making it very distinguishable to other wards. 
MAPFRE will continue to pledge their support towards this cause and other socially responsible initiatives in the future.
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