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MAPFRE donated €5,000 towards the Malta Trust Foundation

Malta Trust Foundation
The Malta Trust Foundation was established in 2015 by H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca  during her Presidency. After having received several requests from people who had unfortunately lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President Emeritus, as Chairperson of the Malta Trust Foundation, initiated the setting up of the Food Aid Project in order to help out families in need. Many of these have found themselves living without any form of income and unable to cope, all whilst having to pay their due rent or repay loans. In light of this, the number of applicants has increased significantly, with over 2,000 families now receiving food every fortnight.
In order to achieve its aims, The Trust enters into partnerships with both local and international organisations, ensuring strong practices and effective responses to such social realities. 
MAPFRE Middlesea CEO Felipe Navarro said “We recognise the fact that these uncertain times have created unique challenges for all of us. This pandemic is generating hardships for millions around the world, and stretching the resources of countries of all sizes. However, we do see a silver lining in all this. We see the emergence of a nationwide desire to be of service to the most vulnerable amongst us. We see an opportunity for solidarity and giving something back to the local community”. The CEO added that going forward, “MAPFRE would like to encourage other business entities to support the Malta Trust Foundation in order to allow it to continue to provide disadvantaged families with a brighter future.” 
Ms Sarah Bondin, Director of the Malta Trust Foundation, said that the support of companies such as MAPFRE Malta is also making it possible for the Foundation to provide aid to NGOs that are struggling to support these vulnerable families, as well as taking referrals from the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, which is unable to accept new cases for the time being.
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