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MAPFRE signs the Diversity Charter to demonstrate its commitment to inclusion and equality

For the first time, MAPFRE has signed the 10 principles of the Diversity Charter, an initiative promoted by the Fundación Diversidad (diversity foundation) in Spain with the objective of promoting diversity management, which is an instrument of cultural transformation that promotes inclusive workplaces, enables social progress and enhances economic competitiveness, according to the foundation.
Our company is committed to continuing to promote inclusion within the organization, to continue to raise awareness among employees of the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity, to encourage work-life balance through a balance between work time, family time and leisure time and to consider diversity in all personnel management policies. MAPFRE will also extend and communicate its commitment to the Diversity Charter to all stakeholders, among other principles.
In the course of an annual event that the Diversity Foundation held virtually last Thursday, Elena Sanz, Group Chief People Officer said: "At MAPFRE, we promote an inclusive culture because it's a matter of respect and because it also makes us a much more competitive company." 
MAPFRE has promoted diversity out of conviction from the outset. Its commitment can be seen in the company's Strategic Plan, with objectives for 2021, such as measuring the impact of its Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy and strengthening women's talent and leadership. Two objectives have been set for next year in the area of diversity: That 45 percent of vacancies in managerial job positions be filled by women and that 3 percent of our workforce be made up of people with disabilities.    
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