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MAPFRE Middlesea supports The Maltese Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Lourdes 1

Upon the formulation of the organization, MASMOM’s mission pertained to both Religious and Hospital based activities, and has since been at the service of the poor, the sick, refugees and marginalized communities for many years. Moreover, MASMOM takes care of the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, refugees, the terminally ill, lepers, children and drug addicts on a daily basis in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Lourdes Pilgrimage is one of the main highlights of their annual religious activities, with much preparation going into the selection of the ill as well as the planning and execution of their transport to and from Lourdes. In such endeavours, MASMOM’s primary focus is to alleviate the burden of illnesses and disabilities predominantly amongst the young.

“As a company, we are happy to have pledged our support towards MASMOM for 2020,” said Felipe Navarro, President and Chief Executive Officer of MAPFRE Middlesea. “The work being done by MASMOM in their efforts to make it possible for ill people and their families to embark on this pilgrimage is outstanding. Honestly, it is so refreshing to see the patients still smiling despite their current circumstances, and for that reason we feel honoured to be supporting this initiative.”

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