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News 2019

MAPFRE Middlesea employees donate over €1,000 to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

In the last four years, MAPFRE Middlesea employees together with the Chairman and CEO have decided to collect a number of funds together in order to donate them towards a good cause. Every year, the management of the company chooses a different cause whereby the employees may contribute in the spirit of giving.

MAPFRE Malta organise party for elderly residents at Little Sisters of the Poor

MAPFRE Malta rounded off this year’s activities dedicated towards corporate social responsibility with an activity held at the Little Sisters of the Poor situated in Hamrun, whereby employees from both MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life organised a small party for the home’s residents.

MAPFRE Economic Research forecasts Non-Life premiums growth of less than 3 percent in the global insurance market during 2019–2020

For the first time, MAPFRE Economic Research has evaluated the performance and prospects of Non-Life premiums growth in 38 markets (33 countries and 5 regions), as part of its report “Growth Forecasts for Insurance Markets: Non-Life.”

MAPFRE team up with BirdLife Malta for Habitat Restoration

Following the successful event of MAPFRE’s Global Volunteering Day held in October, the company continued to strengthen its commitment towards environmental sustainability by teaming up with BirdLife Malta in order to aid restoration of sand dune habitats. Josianne Briffa, Chief Compliance Officer of MAPFRE MSV Life, organised this event in collaboration with BirdLife Malta.

MAPFRE's revenues grow by 6.5% to €21.62 billion

MAPFRE's revenues in the first nine months of the fiscal year rose to 21.62 billion euros, representing a 6.5 percent increase on the same period of the previous year, with premiums growing by 2.5 percent to 17.65 billion.

MAPFRE Malta implement new Behavioural Training as part of their Global #DigitalChallenge

MAPFRE Malta implement new Behavioural Training in conjunction with the MAPFRE Global #DigitalChallenge. This behavioural training is being facilitated within the framework of MAPFRE’s strategic initiative and commitment towards digital transformation. Training, which comprises of an overall of 9 sessions of 7 hours each, has been delivered to over 300 employees across MAPFRE Middlesea, MAPFRE MSV Life and MAPFRE Middlesea Assist. Additionally, 2 more sessions are being delivered to the leaders of the aforementioned companies, consisting of training up to 12 hours for all Managers and Senior Managers within those entities.

Fundacion MAPFRE supports Inspire Foundation

The Multi-Sensory Rooms at Inspire Foundation are being sponsored once more by Fundacion MAPFRE, a non-profit institution within the MAPFRE Group. The generous sum of €51,000 was contributed to cover the running costs of this service for the upcoming year, through which hundreds of children benefit.

MAPFRE Malta employees celebrate Pink October and make donations

Towards the end of the month, MAPFRE Malta continued to celebrate Pink October by encouraging all employees to come to the office wearing pink in order to further raise awareness for breast cancer.

MAPFRE AM joins the RIBI index as an ‘Avant Gardist’ manager in socially responsible investment

MAPFRE’s asset management company has been listed in the ‘Avant Gardist’ category of the H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index, which identifies the European firms in the sector who are most committed to Socially Responsible Investment.

MAPFRE Malta supports Action for Breast Cancer Foundation for Pink October

This month, MAPFRE Malta has contributed towards the production of a campaign created by the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation in order to support the initiative and generate awareness for Pink October. The campaign focuses on generating awareness regarding the prevention and/or early detection of breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of regular self-examinations in order to significantly improve the possibility of survival.

MAPFRE Malta organize clean-up at Ġnejna Bay for Global Volunteering Day

For the third consecutive year, MAPFRE has continued to strengthen its ongoing commitment towards environmental sustainability by holding its Global Volunteering Day. Similar to previous years, the volunteering activities pertaining to this year’s initiative focused on the restoration and reforestation of degraded areas as well as cleaning up garbage and waste from any marine habitats. The event took place this October as part of its global program dedicated to corporate social responsibility.

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Research Project Grant Approaches

Fundación MAPFRE has made a new call for applications for grants for a total of 315,000 Euros, open to academic and professional researchers and research teams that wish to develop research programs independently or within the scope of universities, hospitals, companies or research centers that they belong to.

MAPFRE Middlesea sponsors The Bubble Festival

For the fourth consecutive year, MAPFRE Middlesea has once again supported the NGO The Bubble by sponsoring the annual event, and thus reducing the total cost of the festival, allowing for more proceeds to be directed towards its beneficiaries.

Fundación MAPFRE supports a research project to prevent cellular deterioration and delay aging

A team of Spanish researchers, led by Prof. Juan Carlos Izpisúa and Dr. Pedro Guillén amongst several others, and supported by Fundación MAPFRE, have discovered a new function of protein DGCR8, which is key to reducing the severity of illnesses such as osteoarthritis.

Abante and MAPFRE sign agreement to offer their clients quality asset management and advisory services

The insurance group will hold 10 percent of the capital of the independent financial company, with the option to increase its shareholding to 20 percent within three years

MAPFRE Malta organise fund-raising event for Hospice

As part of its CSR programme in 2019, MAPFRE Malta organised an ice-cream day for its employees as a fund-raising to aid the NGO Hospice.

MAPFRE Malta employees volunteer to organise a boat trip for boys of St Patrick’s Residential Home

As part of its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, MAPFRE Malta has once again organised a boat trip for some of the young residents of St Patrick’s Residential Home.

MAPFRE’s commitment to the environment

MAPFRE has met some very important objectives in its commitment to sustainability, most notably through its MAPFRE Sin Plástico campaign.

Equal Partners Foundation holds end of year celebrations of programme sponsored by Fundación MAPFRE

The ‘Young Explorers’ and ‘Stepping Out’ programme participants recently celebrated their achievements during a meeting wherein they all talked about their experiences.

Fundacion MAPFRE opens its call for applications

Fundación MAPFRE has made a new call for applications for grants for a total of 315,000 Euros

MAPFRE Middlesea launches new innovative campaign ‘Sketch your dreams’ with a chance to win a €1,000 Travel Voucher

This month MAPFRE Middlesea will be launching their latest and most innovative product campaign yet called ‘Sketch your dreams’.

MAPFRE Middlesea Group registered a profit before tax of €9.83 million for the first six months of 2019

The Board of Directors of MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c., approved the unaudited financial statements of the Group for the financial half year ended 30 June 2019.

MAPFRE was the sixth largest European Non-Life insurer in 2018

According to the 2018 edition of the annual ranking created by MAPFRE Economic Research, the company is among the 15 leading European insurance companies.

Team-building with MAPFRE Malta

In an event organised by JUGS Malta, employees from MAPFRE Malta (comprised of MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life) stepped away from the office to participate in a treasure hunt themed team-building event this June.

MAPFRE Malta celebrate Health Week

This year, MAPFRE Malta, comprised of MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life, once again celebrated Health Week during the month of June in order to raise awareness on the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing for its group of employees.

Agreement signed between MAPFRE Middlesea and MUBE

January 2019 witnessed the introduction of renewed terms and conditions for all employees at MAPFRE Middlesea as a result of the new Collective Agreement signed between MAPFRE Middlesea and MUBE.

MAPFRE Middlesea: First to introduce Artificial Intelligence within the insurance industry in Malta

Leading insurance company MAPFRE Middlesea is the first to implement the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the insurance industry in Malta.

Workshops on Cultural Diversity, Healthy Selfie, 1st MAPFRE run and talks on Inclusion, Health and Well-being, Notable Activities of the MAPFRE Week

The MAPFRE Week, which is a yearly project led by the company's Human Resources area, is held this year from the 10th to the 14th of June.

MAPFRE Group support Jays of Sunshine

This month, 10 employees from MAPFRE Group sponsored a recently formed non-governmental organisation (NGO) known as ‘Jays of Sunshine’ as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

MAPFRE Middlesea sponsored the 2nd edition of the First Responder Doctors Training course

This year, MAPFRE Middlesea have sponsored the 2nd edition of the First Responder Doctors Training (FRDT) course which was held by Doctors for Road Safety (D4RS) in conjunction with the Association of Emergency Physicians of Malta (AEPM) as part of their ongoing initiative to support road safety.

MAPFRE Group team up with Inspire Foundation for World Autism Awareness month

As part of their ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, 6 employees from MAPFRE Group teamed up with Inspire Foundation by helping out with the STAR 25 Programme. This initiative was carried out in support of the cause pertaining to World Autism Awareness month.

MAPFRE Middlesea holds Annual General Meeting

MAPFRE Middlesea Chairman Martin Galea reported another successful year for the company during its Annual General Meeting which took place at the Corinthia Hotel last week.

MAPFRE’s economic research predicts global slowdown

The global economy exhausts its cycle by slowing down after having reached the highest level of growth during 2018, until it approaches the current values that are in line with its trend growth.

Fundacion MAPFRE sponsors Inspire Foundation’s Multi-Sensory Rooms for the 3rd year running

Inspire’s Multi-Sensory Rooms, a service offered to people with sensory issues, are being sponsored for the 3rd year running by Fundacion MAPFRE, a non-profit institution within the MAPFRE Group.

MAPFRE Group help out at Dar Papa Frangisku

During the month of March, 10 employees from MAPFRE Group helped out at Dar Papa Frangisku

New APP from the FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE documentation center

The ‘Biblioteca FM’ app gives access to more than 150,000 documents that can be downloaded and incorporated into your own library

FUNDACION MAPFRE joins the United Nations organization #Speakup campaign

Promoting a global campaign to fight against distractions at the wheel

Economic Research presents the MAPFRE GIP Index, the first global indicator that will measure the insurance potential of the world's different markets.

China leads the ranking for potential in both Life and Non-Life. The USA and India are among the top three positions in both lines. The new index will be updated on an annual basis.

27 Innovative Projects with a Social Impact to Transform the World

The Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation assessment committee has chosen the 27 most innovative projects from among the more than 200 projects submitted

MAPFRE switches off the lights for nature during Earth Hour

The company underlines its commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change

MAPFRE Middlesea announces results for Financial year 2018

Total Group profit before tax for the year amounted to €18.56 million as compared to €17.71 million during the previous year with after tax profits at €14.04 million compared to €13.52 million in 2017.

MAPFRE Group sponsor recreational activities for Dar il-Kaptan

On the 20th February, a number of employees from MAPFRE Group volunteered to take several clients from Dar il-Kaptan for a fun-filled bowling activity during the afternoon.

Over 230 Innovators Entered the Second Edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards

Researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists and students from Latin America and Europe sent in proposals to improve the world in which we live.

MAPFRE Group present a gift to Blood Donors

During the month of January, a total of 16 employees from both MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life donated blood towards the National Blood Transfusion Unit.

MAPFRE 2019 Economic Outlook Business Breakfast

Fundacion MAPFRE’s Economic and Industry Outlook Study has predicted a fall in the contribution to global growth from developed markets, while emerging markets are expected to provide a greater contribution to the economy during 2019.

Fundacion MAPFRE Social Awards

The new edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Awards is set to recognize the commitment, generosity and solidarity carried out by people and institutions, and reward them for those outstanding actions which benefit society in its scientific, cultural and social spheres.

MAPFRE Malta introduce new Incentive Scheme for Tied Insurance Intermediaries

In January 2019, a new MAPFRE Malta incentive scheme was launched for their network of Tied Insurance Intermediaries (TII).

MAPFRE 2019 Economic Outlook Business Breakfast

Fundacion MAPFRE’s Economic and Industry Outlook Study has predicted a fall in the contribution to global growth from developed markets, while emerging markets are expected to provide a greater contribution to the economy during 2019.

MAPFRE Group collaborates with Fondazzjoni Ejjew Ghandi in aid of victims to domestic violence

MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life worked together with Fondazzjoni Ejjew Ghandi, a non-profit organisation (NGO) that runs a home in St. Venera, which provides shelter to victims of domestic violence.

MAPFRE Malta collaborate with Smiling with Jerome to raise awareness towards autism

MAPFRE Middlesea together with MAPFRE MSV Life collaborated with the Smiling with Jerome Foundation to help raise awareness about autism as well as to provide help towards a particular case involving a girl who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 2.

MAPFRE Middlesea Chairman and CEO provide Christmas donation for a good cause

For the past three years, the Chairman and CEO at MAPFRE Middlesea have decided to donate funds towards a good cause as opposed to receiving gifts during the festive season

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