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Ċaqlaq ‘Let’s all Play’ Programme at St. Paul’s Bay primary


Ċaqlaq ‘Let’s all Play’ Programme at St. Paul’s Bay primary

The fifth edition of Fundación MAPFRE’s educational programme entitled ‘Ċaqlaq’ has continued into the new scholastic year with physical activity sessions at St. Paul’s Bay Primary School, part of Maria Regina College. This year, the focus of the Ċaqlaq Programme is on creating awareness and the enjoyment of physical exercise amongst school children in local primary and middle schools.
For this year’s edition of ‘Ċaqlaq’, Fundación MAPFRE has teamed up with the Malta Volleyball Association (MVA), which is implementing the programme on its behalf. As part of the Ċaqlaq Programme, the MVA has been conducting a series of visits to primary and middle schools, and organising events for schoolchildren. In line with the theme of the programme, ‘Let’s all play’, these activities focus on giving children exposure to physical activity within a fun environment, while enabling them to experience aspects of physical activity, such as basic motor skills, agility, movement coordination, and teamwork.

MAPFRE Middlesea Chairman Mr Martin Galea said that both Fundación MAPFRE and the Malta Volleyball Association share a concern for the increasing consequences related to the lack of physical exercise, particularly amongst children, and the certainty that in most cases, this is due to a lack of awareness of the positive effects of healthy lifestyle habits, in particular that of regular exercise. Mr Galea confirmed that both parties “strongly believe that the situation can be greatly improved by encouraging children to participate in activities where they can enjoy physical exercise, including activities within a team sports environment, in a spirit of fun and teamwork.” 

Malta Volleyball Association President Jesmond Saliba explained that “The aim of this programme is to develop children’s interest in regular physical activity through participation in a sport, at least at a basic level. We also see this as a vehicle for social inclusion through sport, something which we, as an Association, strongly believe in. Hence the slogan adopted for the Ċaqlaq Programme, 'Let's all play!' ”, said Saliba.

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