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Ċaqlaq ‘Let’s all Play’ Programme kicks off

The fifth edition of Fundación MAPFRE’s educational programme entitled ‘Caqlaq’ has kicked off with the first fun physical activity sessions at Ta’ Paris Middle School, in Birkirkara. This year, the focus of the Ċaqlaq programme is on creating awareness and the enjoyment of physical exercise amongst school children in local primary and secondary schools.
For this year’s edition of ‘Ċaqlaq’, Fundación MAPFRE has teamed up with the Malta Volleyball Association (MVA), which will be implementing the programme on its behalf. As part of the ‘Caqlaq’ programme, the MVA will be conducting a series of visits to primary and secondary schools, and organise events for schoolchildren. In line with the theme of this year’s programme, ‘Let’s all play’, these activities will focus on giving children exposure to physical activity within a fun environment, while enabling them to experience aspects of physical activity, such as basic motor skills, agility, movement coordination, and teamwork.
The first session of this year’s Ċaqlaq also coincided with the meeting in Malta of the executive committee of the European Volleyball Federation (CEV). The President and Vice President of the Federation, Mr Aleksandr Boricic and Mr Renato Arena, paid a visit to the Ta’ Paris school to see the Ċaqlaq sessions in practice. During this visit, they had the opportunity to meet the children, coaches and teachers, and hear from them about their experience. The CEV officials commented very positively on the sessions, and said that the aim and scope of the Ċaqlaq programme runs parallel with the Federation’s focus of bringing the sport within the reach of schoolchildren.
Fundacion Mapfre is for not-for- profit institution within MAPFRE committed to welfare and social progress. The mission of the foundation is to contribute to improving the quality of life and the progress of society through country programs and activities.
The five areas in which it contributes mostly are social action, culture, health promotion, road safety and social security.
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