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What is home automation?

Thanks to home automation, you can:
1. Schedule to open or close doors and windows without being at home.
2. Simulate the presence of the owner in the house by turning lights on and off at a distance.
3. Control through video intercom in the access door who enters and exits the premises.
4. Check if there are any windows or doors open with a temperature sensor.
5. Automatically close the blinds in case of strong winds outside.
6. Monitor the safety of your home remotely via Alarms and Cameras or TAG motion detectors.
7. Control access to all the main doors remotely.
8. Turn heating, air conditioning and various other household appliances on or off.
9. Monitor and block who accesses your Wi-Fi network at any time.
10. Access your computer files while you are away from home.
11. Detect and be alerted in any case of fire, gas or water leakage.
12. Detect any electrical faults in the house.
13. Monitor the consumption of water, electricity and gas depending on your day-to-day routine.
14. Geolocate your pet, child or any vehicle in motion.
15. Control the watering of your plants and detect the humidity of the garden. 
16. Detect strong noises made around your home, for instance, a broken window.
17. Have a panic button that alerts the nearest police station wirelessly.
18. Manage your appliances by programming them.
19. Schedule repetitive tasks by defining the day of the week and the normal schedule.
20. Define several actions at the same time by configuring them as modes: night mode, cinema mode, standby mode, and so on.
Futuristic Home
Futuristic home automation applications:
SELL the surplus energy from your solar panels.
Futuristic Home 2
CONTROL when your cleaning robots must go out to clean.
Futuristic Home 3
Have your fridge IDENTIFY when a product is missing and request it accordingly.
Futuristic Home 5
CONNECT all your devices to your voice assistant.
Futuristic Home 5
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