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Eurovision Song Contest Starterpack

Eurovision Malta 5
If you’re ready to kick off this year’s Eurovision with a bang, then check out our Eurovision Starterpack for 4 things that you should be doing when watching the European song contest this year!

1. Get your family and friends in on the fun. It’s safe to say that the Eurovision Song Contest is arguably something better enjoyed with family and friends. Whether contestants deliver a spectacular or somewhat laughable act, we all know that it’s fun to holistically judge those performances and make the necessary witty remarks, all whilst being in great company.
Eurovision Malta 1
2. Eat snacks… Copious amounts of snacks. What would a song contest be without the indulgence of some yummy nibbles? It might be worthwhile to prepare yourself for the occasion and stock up on those galletti and dips. “Why” you ask? Well, because why not?
Eurovision Malta 2
3. Enjoy performances that emphasise the WTF factor. Let’s be real here, there’s always at least one country that gives off a more controversial vibe than the rest, but that doesn’t make the performance any less entertaining! We encourage you to sit back, try to relax and enjoy (or be forever scarred by) these odd performances which you will more than likely encounter. In case you find yourself emotionally distraught after those WTF moments, feel free to join the @Eurobitchin group and vent over there.
Eurovision Malta 3
4. Take a vote, even if it doesn’t count! Even if you don’t plan on giving your official vote on who you think should win the Eurovision, you can always just do so amongst yourselves and somewhat join in on the antics for good measure. We might as well be real with ourselves though – if you do decide to officially vote, you’re probably just going to give it to either Italy, Australia or the UK.
Eurovision Malta 4
Do you think that Malta will stand a chance this time around? Maybe after the past 30 odd years, Michela will finally be the one to turn the tide and bring it home for Malta! Maybe…
Michela Eurovision
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