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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

This insurance protects the ceremonial arrangements for your wedding day. In case of an incident on or before your big day, with MAPFRE Middlesea you could get your money refunded and even get help with the extra charges of rearranging your big day.

We will cover any irrecoverable expenses incurred by you in respect of the services from wedding suppliers booked, but not used, as a direct result of the unavoidable cancellation or limitation of the wedding or wedding reception. This may happen as a result of the booked venue for the wedding or wedding reception being unable to hold your wedding due to an outbreak of infectious or contagious disease, accidental loss damage to the venue, murder or suicide at the premises or closure of the venue by the relevant authority.

The cancellation or limitation of the wedding or wedding reception caused by unexpected posting overseas of a serving member of the Armed Forces of Malta, or unavoidable and necessary duty with the Ambulance Service, Coastguard, Fire Brigade or Police Personnel of the bride and the groom is covered.

The cancellation of the wedding or wedding reception caused by death, injury or sickness of the bride or groom, or of a close relative of the bride or groom, which would make the holding of the wedding inappropriate is covered.

Wedding suppliers costs are covered too when the bride or groom, or any of their relatives who would have made proven, significant, financial contributions or commitment on which the wedding is dependant, are made redundant at least 8 weeks after contracting the policy, and qualifying for social security benefits under the current redundancy legislation.

We will pay for the restoration or replacement at our discretion of bridal attire to be worn by the bride, if such attire is lost or damaged while in your possession or that of a close relative, within 1 month prior to the wedding reception, and for a subsequent 48 hours from there on. We will cover too the loss of or damage to ceremonial attire worn by you and your attendants within 48 hours before and after the wedding reception.

We will cover the bankruptcy or liquidation of any pre-booked wedding services supplier contracted to and paid. 

We will pay up to the amount stated in the schedule for loss of or damage to wedding gifts due to accident whilst being stored by you or your relatives at your home or at the wedding venue on the wedding reception day. We will not cover for loss or damage, by theft or attempted theft, of any wedding gifts left in the home or ceremony venue or reception venue, unless there is evidence of violent entry.

Legal liability arising from accidental injury to third parties, or accidental loss of or damage to third party property, in connection with the wedding and happening or occurring on the wedding date, and during the wedding reception, is covered.

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