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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

This policy has certain requirements that shall be evaluated by the customer. It is crucial to consider them in order to decide which insurance policy satisfies better the policyholder needs.

  • You must do all that you reasonably can to prevent loss or damage to property insured under this policy and to maintain such property in a good condition.

The following restrictions apply to the policy:

  • We do not cover an illness if you have travelled against the advice of a doctor. We do not cover either a medical condition for which you were planning to obtain medical treatment during your trip.

  • We do not cover you if you did not receive or have the recommended inoculations and/or took the recommended medication for your travel.
  • We will not pay you in case of an incident if you are under the influence of alcohol, solvents or drugs except drugs prescribed by a doctor other than for the treatment of drug abuse.
  • We will not cover you if you are taking part in any flying or other aerial activities of any kind, other than as a fare paying passenger in a fully licensed carrying aircraft.
  • Motorcycling as a rider or passenger on a machine in excess of 125 cc is excluded.
  • We do not cover loss or damage of your properties which happens gradually or is caused by subsidence, heave or landslip.
  • We do not cover loss or damage of your properties caused by or resulting from rust, corrosion, wet or dry rot, mould, vermin, insects, fungus, deterioration, latent defects or poor workmanship, or the use of faulty materials or wear and tear. Defect in construction or installation, faulty design, latent defects atmospheric or climatic conditions, the action of light, ingress of water, process of restoration are also excluded.
  • We do not cover the use of animals (except domestic animals), firearms, aircrafts including unpowered flight, motorized vehicles, boats, or other vessels (except manually propelled watercraft).
  • Coverage is not provided for damage or loss caused by war, invasion, rebellion, martial law, and confiscation or nationalisation of property under the order of any government or public authority.
  • We do not pay for direct or indirect loss or damage caused by computer viruses.
  • We do not cover any loss caused by, resulting from, arising out of or related to Pandemic, Epidemic or Coronavirus Diseases.
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