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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

This policy has certain requirements that shall be evaluated by the customer. It is very important to consider them in order to decide which insurance policy satisfies better the policyholder needs.

You must do all that you can to prevent loss of and damage caused by the insured pet under this policy, and to maintain it in a healthy state of well-being.

The following restrictions apply to the policy:

  • We will not cover costs, expenses or fees for preparing any claim you execute under this policy.
  • Pets, other than those specified in the schedule, are excluded.
  • We will not pay for loss or damage occurring or coming from an incident which happens before this policy commences;
  • Fines, penalties, punitive or exemplary damages are excluded.
  • Claim resulting from deception by you is not covered. We do not cover either claim arising from the owner’s pre-meditated or malicious acts.
  • We do not cover pre-existing medical conditions of the cat or dog.
  • We will not cover pets trained to guard, or for working purposes except guide dogs.
  • We will not pay for the expenses of any treatment if a claim has not been submitted within 1 year of the pet receiving treatment. We will not cover either the cost of any treatment being necessary more than 12 months after the date the accident happened, or the illness was first treated. Chronic illness of any kind is excluded.
  • We do not cover bodily injuries or death caused by war, terrorism, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, rebellion, revolution or commotion.
  • We do not pay for bodily injuries or death caused by any chemical, biological, bio-chemical or electromagnetic weapon, ionizing radiation, radioactivity, or nuclear equipment.
  • We will not cover veterinary expenses caused by poisoning or intoxication for the first 12 months of cover in force. We will not cover either lesions or diseases due to the pet’s age.
  • We do not pay for surgical operations of a cosmetic type, such as those carried out on some breeds for modelling ears or tails, as well as nail removal.
  • We will not cover veterinary expenses caused by taking part in hunting.
  • We will not pay the costs of a cattery or kennel when the hospitalisation is of a person other than you.
  • We do not cover any loss caused by, resulting from, arising out of or related to Pandemic, Epidemic or Coronavirus Diseases.
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