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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

This insurance protects dogs and cats, in order to provide protection for pets and their owners.

We will cover the veterinary care expenses and the agreed value of the insured pet due to death or necessary putting down, which are produced by an accident suffered by the insured pet. The accident may be caused by run over, fights with other animals unless organised, fractures, trauma or internal injuries suffered because of an accident or in the pet’s normal activity of running or jumping.

Bodily injuries caused by traffic accidents are covered. Also, falls from heights causing the pet trauma or internal injuries are included.

We cover injuries caused by the ingestion of foreign bodies (limited to one accident per period of insurance). Any other injury derived from an external, sudden, violent cause, against the owner’s will are covered. This includes acts of vandalism, and poisoning occurring 12 months after the beginning of this policy. Veterinary care expenses following accidents will not come into force until 15 days have passed from the effective date of the first period of insurance.

We will cover the theft of the insured pet. We cover too, if it’s counselled by a veterinarian, the putting down of the insured pet.

We will pay you for the pet’s stay at a kennel or cattery, provided that you are hospitalised due to accident or illness, and that the pet cannot be looked after by a relative. The maximum length of the pet’s stay at a kennel or cattery shall be the same as the number of days in which you are hospitalised, although it may be extended for a further two days to permit hospital admittance and release.

The expenses incurred by you as a result of your judicial or arbitral interventions resulting from the ownership of the insured pet are covered.

We will cover you against your legal liability for property damage and bodily injury, claimant’s costs and expenses incurred solely as owner of the pet. We will also pay your defence costs and legal expenses, if we agree to do so in advance, up to the maximum limit as specified in the schedule. This applies to incidents which take place during the period of insurance in Malta.

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