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Car & Motor Insurance Benefits - MAPFRE Middlesea Malta


Safe drivers can benefit from a maximum of 25% discount on their insurance premiums upon renewal
•Car can be localised in case of theft and accident
•Immediate dispatch of assistance or ambulance service if required in case of an accident
•It is an educational tool which promotes better driving
•Access to information about personal driving habits via online portal or mobile app
•Up to 65% no claims discount, over and above the MotorMax discount

Locate your vehicle in case of theft
The Motormax telematics device enables you to know the exact location of your car. It can help to track your vehicle if it’s stolen.
Rest assured that this will have no impact on your privacy. At any point in time, Mapfre Middlesea will only have access to aggregate information, and no access to one particular person’s data.

Immediate dispatch in case of accident
Motormax drivers can drive with greater peace of mind. The real time accident alert helps us to help you when you need us the most. If you have a car accident, the telematics device senses a strong impact on the vehicle and will send an alert to our call centre, Mapfre Assist. Our trained team of representatives will then call on your mobile phone to check if you are ok and to determine whether any emergency services are required. If we are unable to reach you, emergency services will be alerted and directed to the location of the accident, potentially saving lives.

Slow down and Save
It is a well-known fact that speeding is a major factor which leads to road accidents. In order to improve safety on our roads, we realise the importance that drivers abide by the speed limits. The telematics box knows what the speed limit is on the road you’re driving in. Careful driving will help you get greater discounts on your insurance premium. Motormax is all about rewarding safe driving. We prefer incentives rather than punishments. Therefore your driving performance can lower your insurance premium but it cannot increase it.

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