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Car Insurance in Malta - Recommendations for use

Motor Insurance

We recommend to the policyholder, in order to receive benefits from all the guarantees of the policy, to consider some relevant aspects before and after contracting the policy:

  • In case of an accident involving your vehicle, if the occupants have different places of residence within Malta, their transportation will only be carried out to one place or spot chosen by you.
  • If you require the fuel delivery more than once during the period of insurance, a fee of €30.00 will be charged as cost of the service. This also applies to the locksmith service.
  • You or your legal representatives must give the company notice as soon as reasonably possible of any accident, injury, loss or damage. You must send us every information about the event in your possession without delay. You have to inform us immediately of any civil or criminal proceedings, inquest or fatal enquiry in connection with any event for which there may be liability under this policy. You have to send us immediately any correspondence or other documents you receive, and co-operate with us fully.
  • You must report immediately to the police theft, or vandalism, or any other criminal act which may give rise to a claim under this policy. You have to collaborate with us in securing the conviction of the delinquent. 
  • In case of an accident, your vehicle must not be left unprotected, without taking appropriate precautions to prevent further loss or damage. This includes not driving your vehicle if further damage might be caused. 
  • Your vehicle must be maintained in an efficient and safe condition. You and any other person in charge of your vehicle must take all reasonable steps to protect it against loss or damage. 
  • When your vehicle is left unattended, its doors and windows must be fully closed and it must be kept locked with its keys removed. 
  • You may cancel this Policy by returning the effective Certificate of Motor Insurance to the company. Any refund of premium will be calculated from the date we receive the effective Certificate of Motor Insurance. Provided no claim or loss has arisen in the existing period of insurance, we will return part of the premium after applying the cancellation rates. You must present evidence that your vehicle has been transferred to a new owner, or insured by another insurer, or else that the vehicle has been registered as “garaged”, “scrapped” or “exported” in accordance with any Transport Malta rules and regulations effective at the time of cancellation.
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