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MAPFRE Middlesea’s Max Protect Insurance wants to be part of your life by giving you peace of mind knowing that if you have a fatal accident or passes away, your family is safe of any single cost. The policy is oriented in two different coverages plus an optional one relating to travels:
So, what does exactly cover a Max Protect Insurance in their standard cover?
Funeral and burial expenses: 

  • If the beneficiary dies, we will pay the limits specified in the Schedule for the funeral and burial related costs. 
  • We also pay all the services related to: coordination, organization and managemet of the proceedings for the funeral and burial in Malta (it is have to be through our network of independent providers).

Personal Accident:

  • Always by the limits specified in the Schedule, we will pay any expenses relating to an accident suffers by the insured person if he or she has bodily injury resulting solely and directly from an accident cause by external, violent and visible means which shall result in Death or Disability or Medical Expenses.

In relating to funeral cover there is an optional extension in which the beneficiary may opt to choose an alternative location for the burial and the funeral outside Malta. If this is your choice we will pay the limits specified in the Schedule without providing the services of coordination, organization and management. 

The optional cover of a Max Protect Insurance is relating to travel:

  • Provided in line with our Standard Travel (Short –term) policy and based on the Low Cost, Economy or Club levels of covers.
Now that you know what does exactly cover a Max Protect Insurance you can evaluate how essential could be for your family economy to get one. There is also a big different between a Standard Personal Accident Insurance and Max Protect Insurance not only referring on coverage but on level price. Whatever your profession is and your capital benefits, you may save a big amount of money by choosing MAPFRE Middlesea´s Max Protect Insurance.

All companies will require you a number of conditions to contract a life insurance. Normally, the age of the assured has a limit and you will have to prove that you are healthy by providing proper medical screening. There are also exclusions referring to the type of accidents or how to arrange services that you should know before hiring the policy. Let explain you what are the exclusions under a Max Protect Insurance:

There are general exclusions. We will never pay:

  • Death and bodily injury occurring as a consequence of: suicide within the first 12 months of the policy, intentional self-injury, intoxication or insanity of or the influence of drugs or willful exposure to needless risks; 
  • Pregnancy or childbirth in case of any female insured person; 
  • Any pre-existing physical defect or infirmity. 

There are some others more specific depending on the coverage. What are the exclusions under a Max Protect Insurance for Funeral and burial?:

  • Every single policy has a limit specified in the Schedule: We will not pay for any part of the total cost of claim exceeding that limit. 
  • Every single service will be arranged with our authorization. We will not pay anything made before being communicated and accepted. 
  • We need the consent of the Provider: we will not pay for payment without that consent. 
  • When the essential information relating to the Insured Person failed to be true or the Provider is misinformed making it impossible for us or the Provider to attend to the matter correctly.

Personal Accidents exclusions:

  • There are risky sports and situations that we will not cover. You have to know that we will not pay bodily injury sustained whilst or as a consequence of engaging in military, naval or air service or operations, motor cycling, hunting, winter sports, mountaineering or rock- climbing (necessitating the use of ropes and guides), potholing, skin diving, riding or driving in any kind of race or endurance test (or practice therefore) or aviation (other than as a fare-paying passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft) 
  • Any temporary total disability benefits when you are not in full time employment will be not paid either. 

Regarding to the optional coverage relative to travel:

  • There are some restrictions according to your health, the destination you have chosen or the type of risk you take. Have a look to the Travel Policy, for more specific details. 

MAPRE Middlesea’s Max Protect Insurance policy offers you the best covers for your ordinary life and to travel with peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you have the best level of protection.

The essential coverages of a MAPFRE Middlesea’s Max Protect Insurance can be a very complete policy for anyone who does not travel a lot. But if you have to go abroad quite often, you may be interested in the Travel Annual Cover as well. Let see what offers the optional coverage in a Max Protect Insurance.

Our Insurance brings you the covers and guarantees more competitive at the market. We will pay you for:

  • Cancelation and abandonment: One of the issues that concern most often when hiring or buying a ticket for any means of transport, is that we cannot use for any reason but with cancellation insurance, depending on the modality, the company covers cancellation costs of travel, either before it starts or during, if an interruption occurs and visits or excursions are lost. Also, if a family member gets ill or suffers a serious illness, the policy covers your expenses so you can come back. Basically, by hiring the extra coverage (Travel annual cover), we will pay you:
    • Travel and accommodation expenses, including kennel and cattery fees, that you have already paid or contracted to pay and which you cannot get back including prepaid car hire, excursions, tours or activities, if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cancelling or abandoning your trip
    • Reasonable extra travel costs if it is necessary and you cannot avoid abandoning your trip, if any this circumstances happens:
    • You are unemployed and some company calls you offering a job 
    • If you are called by official agencies of the state or any autonomous community in your country, and you´re obliged to be.
    • In addition, unforeseen can happen in Malta that needs your presence to be solve. Your home may suffers a serious damage, or a catastrophic situation stated in your area may occur. These cases where you need to return urgently are provided by companies specializing in travel insurance.
  • Emergency medical and associated expenses and Hospital Benefit: we will pay you the amount shown in the Schedule.
  • Delayed or missed departure and hijack. 

Hiring the optional Travel Coverage means that your luggage will be safe too, as we will pay you:

  • For loss of your personal money and financial loss arising from any credit and debit cards issued in Malta to you being stolen or accidentally lost and subsequently used by someone other than you during your trip 
  • The cost to replace or repair (after deducting for wear and tear and depreciation if applicable) your personal belongings if during your trip these are accidentally damaged, lost or stolen

As you see there many interesting covers that offers the optional coverage in a Max Protect Insurance. For more information take a look at the MAPFRE Middlesea’s Max Protect Policy.

The main benefit of MAPFRE’s Middlesea’s Max Protect Insurance is that incorporates three covers in one: Funeral Expenses, Personal Accident as well as an optional annual Travel insurance. 

Funerals can cost thousands of euros but with a funeral expenses insurance, there is no need to worry as these expenses are taken care of, whilst all the preparations are coordinated for you by MAPFRE Middlesea. On the other hand, a Personal Accident Cover helps to protect individuals and their families from financial hardship if the insured suffers a serious injury in an accident. Finally, a Travel Insurance brings you the tranquility of knowing that everything is under control when you make a trip. You do not need to hire a short term insurance as long as you are insured with Max Protect. 

But if you want to know how much money we will pay you if a disease occurs, check below, we explain you what are the benefits of a Max Protect Insurance.

Depending on the level of coverage that you choose (three different options), MAPFRE Middlesea will pay you:

  • Death (including repatriation to Maltese Islands:
    • Insured persons aged 16 years and over: 
      • Option A: €25,000 
      • Option B: €50,000 
      • Option C: €100,000 
    • Insured persons up to 15 years old: each half in each of the covers (A, B, C)
  • Permanent Total / Partial Disablement:
    • As per Disable Scale
  • Temporary Total Disability:
    • Option A: €500
    • Option B: €750
    • Opcion C: €1000
    • Up to 104 weeks subject to a 7 day excess: Weekly or 80% of weekly salary.
  • Medical Expenses (Malta only):
    • Insured persons aged 16 years and over: 
    • Option A: €1,000 
    • Option B: €2,000 
    • Option C: €3,000 
  • Insured persons up to 15 years old: each half in each of the covers (A, B, C)

Is case of death, there are two options for the Funeral Expenses:

  • Funeral Cover:
    • Option A: €1,500
    • Option B: €3,000
  • Incineration /cremation (at crematorium of our choice):
    • Option A: No
    • Option B: Yes
  • Repatriation outside the Maltese Islands:
    • Option A: €15,000
    • Option B: €15,000
  • There is a waiting period of 12 months in respect of suicide or attempted suicide.

Now that you know what are the benefits of a Max Protect Insurance? you can compare with other products to decide according to your need. Max Protect offers the best coverage with the most competitive market prices.

Normally when anyone hires a life insurance there are some conditions that the assured person should meet. As a general rule the insured must be healthy and lead a lifestyle balanced and calm. 

Specifically, what are the requirements for taking a Max Protect Insurance?

  • The insured person must be from Malta and demonstrate it with appropriate documentation. 
  • Unless MAPFRE Middlesea and the insured agree otherwise, this contract of insurance is a Maltese one and is governed by and according to Maltese Law and, subject to what is otherwise expressly provided for herein, is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese Courts. The cover provided by this Policy shall apply only to judgements or orders that are delivered by or obtained from a Court in Malta. Furthermore, the cover shall not apply to a judgement or order obtained in Malta for the enforcement of a judgement obtained elsewhere or to costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant from you which costs and expenses of litigation are not incurred in Malta.
  • The age of the assured is Subject to the payment and acceptance of renewal premiums cover for Personal Accident and Travel sections lapses automatically once the insured person reaches age 75 whilst funeral expenses cover remains in force until the time of death. 
  • The policy does not cover the following assumptions:
    • Persons employed in the manufacture, storage, filling, breaking down, transport of fireworks, ammunition, fuses, cartridges, gunpowder, nitroglycerine or any explosive gasses and/or air under pressure in containers other than butane and the like in low pressure containers
    • Persons employed in underground work and diving or diving/underwater activities
    • Persons employed in naval, military or air force service or operations and whole army activities.
  • There are Risk Referrals, as well:
    • Clients with past loss history. 
    • Pre-existing medical conditions. 
  • We may ask you for a proper medical screening before hiring the policy. 

Now that you know what are the requirements for taking a Max Protect Insurance? You can check that they are normal exclusions to get any Life Insurance. For more information of the Max Protect Policy, click here.

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