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Max Protect

Max Protect

This insurance combines personal accident and funeral expenses standard coverage. It also provides a travel annual optional cover. 

We will pay you, up to the limits specified in the schedule, if you suffer bodily injury resulting only and directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible causes, which independently of any other cause result in death or disability, or medical expenses according to the scale of compensation. Reimbursement for the consequences of the same accident will not be paid under more than one item of the benefits in the schedule, except for medical expenses.
The Funeral Expenses cover pays, up to the agreed limits, for the embalming service, dressing, cosmetology and other care services of the deceased, coffin or casket. We will pay too for the use of visiting rooms for a maximum of 3 days (vigil room). We will cover the incineration/cremation at a crematorium of our choice, if such service is selected by the family.
We will organise, coordinate and deal with all the transport proceedings required, including the repatriation of the mortal remains to Malta if death happens during a trip out of Malta. The choice of transport used for the transfer rests with us.

You can choose between 3 progressive levels of travel coverage: Low Cost, Economy and Club. This coverage is optional.

If you cannot avoid cancelling or abandoning your trip, we will cover travel and accommodation expenses, including kennel and cattery fees, that you have already paid or contracted to pay and which you cannot get back. This includes too car hire, excursions, tours or leisure activities. 

We will pay you reasonable extra travel costs if you need to abandon the trip because you, your travelling companion, or your close relative, is seriously bodily injured, falls gravely ill, is quarantined or dies.

We will pay for emergency medical treatments outside Malta, including rescue services to take you to hospital. We also cover emergency dental treatment only for the immediate relief of pain. We will not pay any form of treatment that your treating doctor and we think can reasonably wait until you return to Malta.

If your international transport by aircraft, ship or train is delayed on leaving abroad, we will pay you the amount fixed in the schedule for every 12 hour period you are delayed.

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