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Max Protect

Max Protect

Max Protect Insurance combines personal accident and funeral expenses coverages with an optional travel coverage.


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We cover bodily injury resulting only and directly from accident caused by external, forceful and visible causes, which independently of any other cause, result in death or disability, or medical expenses.

We cover funeral and burial related expenses upon the death of the policyholder. We pay for:

  • The incineration at a crematorium or our choice if such service is selected by the family.
  • The use of visiting rooms for a maximum of 3 days (vigil rooms).
  • The repatriation of the mortal remains to Malta, if death happens during a travel abroad.
  • The transfer of the body by carriage to the church and/or cemetery, the funeral service, and the hearse and taxis for people attending to the funeral.
  • The preparation of the death certificate and any other documentation needed.
  • The embalming service, dressing, cosmetology and other care services of the deceased, coffin or casket.

We will indemnify you if the travel is unavoidably cancelled:

  • As a result of the departure from Malta being delayed for at least 24 hours.

  • Because your home or that of your travelling companion is made unfit to live in by fire, explosion, storm, flooding or impact by aircraft.
  • If your journey by air or sea is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, natural catastrophes or labour strikes.
  • If your travelling companion(s), or your close relative(s), is seriously bodily injured, falls gravely ill or is quarantined.
  • If you or your travelling companions are called for jury service or as a witness in a Maltese court of law.
  • If you or your travelling companion(s) is unwillingly made redundant and registered as unemployed.

We cover emergency medical treatments outside Malta including rescue services to take you to hospital.

We cover the cost to obtain essential items if your luggage is temporarily lost (more than 12 hours).
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