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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

This policy has certain requirements that shall be evaluated by the customer. It is crucial to consider them in order to decide which insurance policy satisfies better the policyholder needs.

You must do all that you reasonably can to prevent loss or damage to property insured under this policy, and to maintain such property in a sound condition.

The following restrictions apply to the policy:

  • We do not cover costs in connection with maintenance services or for which a manufacturer, supplier or service provider is responsible under warranty or contract.
  • We do not pay for loss or damage as a result from rust, corrosion, wet or dry rot, mould, vermin, insects, fungus, deterioration or defect in construction or installation. Damages caused by the use of faulty or defective materials, defective or poor design or workmanship, the lack of or faulty maintenance, depreciation, loss of value, atmospheric or climatic conditions are also excluded.
  • The policy does not cover the damages caused by the action of light, ingress of water, processes of cleaning, washing, alterations or restorations.
  • We do not cover loss or damage, as a result of the confiscation or detention of property by command of any government, public or local authority. We do not pay for items held by customs or other officials.
  • The policy does not cover loss or damage to business goods, stocks or equipment, and business or professional use of musical instruments, photographic and sporting equipment and accessories.
  • We do not cover loss or damage occurring or arising from an event which happens before the policy is subscribed.
  • The policy does not cover loss or damage caused by malicious computer codes, or the failure of a computer chip or computer software.
  • We do not cover loss or damage caused by infiltrations, pollution or contamination, unless directly produced by an unexpected, recognisable, accidental incident happening completely at a precise time and place.
  • The policy does not cover loss or damage arising caused by war, invasion or conflict. It does not cover either damages caused by chemical, biological, bio-chemical or electromagnetic weapons, ionising radiation, radioactivity or nuclear equipment.
  • We do not cover the cost of damages caused by external overflows or replacement of tanks, radiators and sanitary ware.
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