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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

This policy covers accidental damage to your boat, your liability to others, personal accidents and other incidents.

Our boat policy provides protection against accidental loss or damage to your boat that takes place within the navigational limits whilst it is ashore or afloat. Navigational limits are the geographical limits within which we have agreed to insure the vessel. Also, we offer protection to your boat when it is in commission, laid up out of commission, being lifted, hauled out or launched, all in accordance with the terms, conditions, exceptions and limitations of this policy.

We will cover loss or damage to motors, electrical machinery and equipment, batteries and their connections, resulting from sudden accidental seepage of water into the boat, directly caused by a recognisable and unexpected event.

We cover loss or damage to personal items that do not form part of the boat’s inventory, while used in connection with the vessel, and whilst in transit between your home and it.

We will cover your legal liability, up to the limit stated in the schedule to compensate other people if someone dies, or is bodily injured, or their property is lost or is damaged, as a result of your interest in the boat. This cover is being provided to you and to those in control of the boat with your permission. We will cover the reasonable costs from loss or damage to your boat resulting of attempted or actual raising, removal or destruction of the wreck of the boat, or any failure to do so.

Liabilities assumed under contract, incurred only by an agreement entered into by you or liabilities whilst the vessel is in transit are excluded. We do not pay for accidents or illness to persons contracted by you in connection with the boat.

If you subscribe an additional cover, we will pay for loss or damage and your liabilities to and of water skiers being pulled by the boat, certified that the driver and an eyewitness are on board of the vessel when it is being used for water skiing.

We will cover you and other passengers aboard the boat, including embarking or disembarking, with your permission against personal accidents that within 12 months of the event are the only and independent cause of subsequent decease or permanent total disablement.

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