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SME Insurance

SME Insurance

This insurance protects small and medium enterprises which sell goods or provide a service from their premises, such as catering establishments, retailers, professionals, offices, or clinics.

We will cover loss, destruction or damage caused to buildings including fixtures and fittings permanently affixed to the structure, walls, gates, fences, yards, patios, terraces, and car parks. We also cover electricity gas and water meters and associated underground pipes and cables. Stock in trade, plant and machinery, electronic, computer or other data processing equipment (including accessories and peripherals used in conjunction with such equipment) are included.

We will cover all amounts which you shall become legally liable to pay for compensation, and claimants’ costs, in respect of any incident in connection with the business anywhere in the Maltese Islands.

If property used by you at the premises sustains damage, causing an interruption of the business which results in loss of gross income, we will indemnify you for the amount lost (which would have been received during the period had no damage occurred).

We will indemnify you against liability of any credit card used in connection with the business, for loss following fraudulent use by an unauthorized person, provided that our liability during any one period of insurance shall not exceed the limit specified in the schedule. Any loss of credit cards must be reported to the police within 24 hours of discovering it.

If any person-insured dies or suffers disablement as the result of robbery or any attempt in the course of the business, we will pay the person-insured or their legal personal representative benefits. We also cover the loss of one or more limbs, or sight of one or both eyes.

We will cover direct pecuniary loss suffered by you by an act of fraud or deceit committed by any guaranteed person during the period of insurance, and discovered during the currency or within twelve months of the expiry of the period of insurance, or the termination of the employment of the guaranteed person whichever event shall happen first. You shall give all reasonable assistance to enable us to get by legal proceedings the reimbursement of any loss by the guaranteed person, or by the guaranteed person’s estate, or from any other source.

We will cover the breakage of glazing to external windows or doors which render your business insecure.

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