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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity

This policy has certain requirements that shall be evaluated by the customer. It is very important to consider them in order to decide which insurance policy satisfies better the policyholder needs.

  • You must take all reasonable steps to observe and comply with statutory or local authority laws obligations and requirements.

  • You cannot settle any claim without the written consent of us.

The following restrictions apply to the policy:

  • We will not cover accountants and auditors against any claim or loss arising from wrongful investment advice, concerning publicly quoted companies, unless such advice be given on the written recommendation of a member of a recognised stock exchange.

  • We will not cover accountants and auditors against any claim or loss arising from loss, damage, distortion or erasure of computer systems records caused by climatic or atmospheric conditions, or extremes of temperature, unless such loss, damage, distortion or erasure would be recoverable under an ordinary Fire Policy.
  • We will not cover architects and civil engineers against claims caused by bodily injury, disease, sickness or death of any person arising out of and in the course of his employment by the policyholder under a contract of service or apprenticeship.
  • We will not cover lawyers in respect of any legal liability of whatsoever nature caused by, contributed to, or arising from the failure or inability of: any computer or auxiliary equipment; computer system software program or spreadsheet; data processing equipment media or auxiliary equipment; microchip integrated circuit or similar device; telecommunications equipment or systems or any other system for processing, storing, transmitting, retaining or returning data.
  • In the event that the insured medical practitioner discovers that any document which is owned by the policyholder and is used in the rendering of professional services, or has been entrusted to the insured in the course of rendering professional services, has been destroyed or damaged, or lost or mislaid, and as result the insured becomes legally obligated to pay damages for loss to a third party, we will only indemnify the insured for damages and claims expenses which exceed the amount stated as the excess set forth in the schedule. We will only pay up to a maximum amount equal to 25% of the limits of insurance set forth in the schedule.
  • We do not cover any loss caused by, resulting from, arising out of or related to Pandemic, Epidemic or Coronavirus Diseases.
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